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Eva Moll is one of those artists heading towards innovative definitions of artistic intent that goes beyond artistic creation and studio production. Through her work and personality she explores the structures and processes of the cultural activities she works in.

Eva Moll's skills take place in the midst of today's society. To her being an artist is a profession, a passion and a lifestyle. That's why she feels at home working in both: specialist and interdisciplinary environments. Playing with subject matters "Art & Every Day Life" and "art and economy", "art vs. market", the artist positions her works as statements to phenomenas of popular culture and the contemporary art world. At the same time she explores the dynamics of different perceptions of art as an "objects of cultural value", a "collector's items", an "investment" or a "consumer good" as well as art as a platform social, cultural and political movement.


For more than a decade most of the art of Eva Moll ties to the self-reflective art persona "EVE". In her works "EVE" appears as self-portrait, the artist's alter-ego, selfie or comic-like super-heroine. In recent works Eva Moll has been focusing on the subject matter of "EVE".

While still a student at the Kunsthochschule Kassel in Germany (1995 – 2000) Eva Moll started the visual diary project "Eva in The Big Apple" (1998-2000) in New York. After she moved to New York in 2000 her work started to become influenced by Pop Art.

Her ongoing series "Lady from the back" started in 2002. The figures represents strong woman and qualities of "EVE". Each Lady is an original artwork on canvas. Eva Moll draws a similar looking shape in diverse color-combinations and outlines based on a nude image she drew back in 1995. Naming each Lady different – such as "Femme Fatale", "Young Citygirl" or "Turning Point" – makes each "EVE" once more unique.

The 2003 work "Eva and the Big Apple" was part of the set design of Virgina Monologue Readings and several Off-Broadway productions in New York City. In 2004 Eva Moll painted portraits of famous and female artists such as the painter Frida Kahlo, the actress Maryline Monroe and the dancer Josephine Baker. Together with the collective artist group "Galaxy Girls NYC" Moll performed at many art and culture venues throughout town including P.S.1. MoMA, University of New York, Tribeca Film Festival and the Interdependence Day of the United Nations (2004).

Traveling European Cities since 2006 and with an additional base in Germany, Moll started to experiment with elements of "Neo-Expressionism" and context related art. Connecting "EVE" for the first time to paradise, Eva Moll also started remixing found- and bought-objects, ready- and self-made imagery of "EVE" with works about her mothers garden, New York City and European Cities including Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Budapest, Berlin, Copenghagen and Paris.

In her 2007 performances Moll worked with two main characters of the "EVE". In one performance she dressed to play the life-sculpture "Eva Apple" who appeared with walking performances at contemporary art venues like documenta 12 in Kassel, ART FORUM Berlin and Armory Show in New York blurring the line of "EVE" as a super-heroine or a female villain. In the other performance Moll staged the photo-shoot "All about Eve and the Big Apple" at Rainbowland in Tulsa/ Oklahoma. The art-figure "EVE" was embodied by artist Rainbow Girl and body-painted by Eva Moll. The happening "All about Eve and the Big Apple" was staged in the summer of the same year in the Gallery of KUNST RAUM MATO in Offenbach/ Germany.

At the week of the New York Art Fairs in February 2007 Eva Moll and Rainbow Girl realized the Art Happening „Apple and Tipi“ in front of the Armory show pier 94, in Central Park – Strawberry field, in the Subway – 42nd Street, as well as in front of the New York Museums: MoMA, Met, Whitney and Guggenheim. At each location Rainbow Girl painted her signature "Tipi" and Eva Moll her signature "Apple". Later they exhibited the process of creation and the final works on canvas at the Karma Lounge in New York City and left it there as a permanent installation.

In 2008 Eva Moll performed in the photography project "WYND", photographed by Samira Ramic. In a happening-like work process the staged portrait of Eva Moll turned to a Medusa-like figure. The image reminded also of the hair of her artist-friend Rainbow Girl. Because of this shoot and a sculpture class she attended in Fignano/ Toscane Moll created a one-time series of the Medusa and snakes.

At her art openings Eva Moll performed several one-time performances including "Alle Künstler sind schon da..." at the Kunstfabrik bhf2 (2008) in Darmstadt-Wixhausen, "Verkaufe alles Super Preiswert!" (2009) at the Kunst Raum Mato in Offenbach as well as "Selling Art" at the Kunstverein Familie Montez (2009) in Frankfurt am Main.

Together with Verena Lettmayer, Ruth Luxenhofer and Charlotte Malcom-Smith, Eva Moll realized the project "Schrankstipendium | International Art Price 2009". A call for entry for artists. The Award was a two week work stipid in the closet located in the studio space of Ruth Luxenhofer in Offenbach. This project reflects and plays with matters of artists in today's society and goes beyond their regular studio and exhibition activities. Every step of the process from entry, jury selection, press conference, staged award ceremony with the chief major of the City of Offenbach and the exhibition of the winner Jos Diegel, is not only a statement of the four artists, the process over the time of May 2009 until now is the actual work of art. This project recieved critical acclaim in the German press including "Stern", "Die Welt" and "art - Das Kunstmagazin" and has been recieving an art award 2012 by maecenia Frankfurt - Foundation for women.

In 2009 a life-size doll of the 60's served as an Avatar of "EVE" for the stair-case installation "no eve. no walking down the stair-case. beuys never met rist. not always easy. you say. i think." shown at the "MatoLiebt" exhibit at the Kunst Raum Mato in Offenbach/ Germany. From January until March 2010 Eva Moll exhibited her show entitled "EVE – Zeitgenössische Kunst | Contemporary Art" at the Advertising Agency Vision Direct in Frankfurt am Main/ Germany. In April 2010 Moll's painted Ready-Made Object "EVE" (2006) is remixed in a living-room installation with paintings of her mothers garden (2007|2010) in the group-show "drei in zwanzig zehn" in the home of the artist and exhibition-host Cornelia Krauledat. After the show she attended an abstract painting class of Krauldedat.

The video "EVE – take your time" was shot in summer of 2009 at the Kunstverein Familie Montez in Frankfurt/ Germany. In the video the artist Jana Schlegel represents "EVE". Schlegel performs the cleaning of the giant "EVE"-wall drawing by Moll with a sponge. In this video the factor of time plays a major role to both artists. In stages the focus was on the time it took to create the wall drawing, the time prepare the video shoot, the time to clean the wall, and the time of the post-production. Then the time passing while developing different visual strategies by means and context of presentation. And finally it's about the time and consideration one takes to watch the video-loop from a viewer's perspective. In April the video was admitted at the exhibition "V_Kunst Frankfurt : : : Schein und Zeit : 2010" at the Galerie Wagner + Marks in April 2010. In May 2010 the video was aired at the ARTEON FESTIVAL at La MaMa Gallery and during the Eva Moll Performance "Works in process" during "LEAP!" at the La Mama Experimental Theatre – The Club in New York City.

In July 2010 "EVE" was part of the happening "Stadt Zirkus" ("City Circus") at the Kunstverein Familie Montez in Frankfurt am Main. An idea by Mirek Macke and Giorgio Capogrossi. An experiment mixing and exploring elements of the circus, urban life and the contemporary art world. Moll took on several roles in this "play". She worked in the organisation of the event, was part of the invitation-card photoshoot, painted a large wall mural and performed live on stage as art-figure "EVE". About 30 international and local visual artists, musicians and performers with diverse backgrounds and media celebrated this two hour happening with the audience.

In December 2010 Eva started remixing "EVE" in her art studio. She has been creating collages, sculptures and paintings of "EVE". Works connected to her cultural activities of the past decade. Two sculpture remixes got sold at the benefit auction "Save Lola Montez" in Frankfurt am Main.

In March 2011 Eva Moll performed "PAINTING THE TOWN" at the Armory show pier 94, the Museum of Modern Art, the L train and Bedford Ave, the Bowery Poetry Club and the New Museum in New York City. This new art project in urban and public space shows a version of "EVE" committing suicide in paradise. A life-figure based on a visual statement made out of ready-made objects and a painting of "EVE 2008 | 2011"; remixed to an original sculpture and then processed to a final image with digital media. The project has been supported by the artists Christoph von Löw (photography and video), Heungman Kwan (photography) and Uta Brauser (body art interpretation and embodiment of the paradise at the armory and bowery tour stops), friends and bystanders.

In September 2011 "EVE" performed "What's Happening?" at the Opening of the Akademie für interdisziplinäre Prozesse (Academy of interdisciplinary processes) in Offenbach/ Germany. EVE Performances 2012 include the ART WALK NYC at Times Square in New York, the opening day of the international art fair dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel Germany and the GO WEST Festival, Frankfurt am Main.

In 2013 Moll toured EVE with international exhibitions, performances & travels to capture the imagination a world-wide audience of art lovers. The EVE Tour stops included Atelier Montez (Rome) and The Boboli Gardens (Florence), 5 Terre (Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore)/ Italy; Villa Raviola (Beau Soleil), Franchement Art Fair (Villefranche sur Mer), Mala Beach (Cap d'Ail/ Cote d'Azur), Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Centre George Pompidou (Paris)/ France; Jardin Exotique (Monte-Carlo)/ Monaco; Preview Art Fair and Shift Art Space (Berlin)/ Germany; Botanical All (Chicago), The Armory Show Week, Fountain Art Fair, BOS Brooklyn, Art Walk Chelsea, ArtHamptons, Performa 13 (New York); Spectrum, Select Art Fair, Art Basel Miami Week, Miami Beach, Yacht Usher and The Wynwood Art District (Miami)/ United States.

An EVE painting by Moll was exhibited at the renown travel group show "Wurzeln weit mehr Aufmerksamkeit widmen" by Mirek Macke / Montez im Exil all over Germany at Bauhaus University Weimar, Kunstraum Bad Cannstadt Stuttgart; Poly Produzentengalerie Karlsruhe; Polarraum Hamburg, Preview Art Berlin, Museum Lytke Leipzig, Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste Nuernberg in 2013 and the following year at KunstWerk Cologne and is now in the permanent collection at the new location of the Kunstverein Familie Montez at the Honselbruecke, Frankfurt am Main.

In 2014 the EVE Tour started with a trip from Berlin to Vienna to follow the invitation of the world renown action artist Hermann Nitsch at a yearly gathering in Castle Prinzendorf. She also visited the show "Wien - Berlin" at Belvedere. Back in Berlin she exhibited at the Berliner Kunstmarkt, Galerie Villa Koeppe and the OpenAirGallery at the Oberbaumbrücke. Then EVE traveled to Florence, Rome and 5 Terre/ Italy, Monte-Carlo/ Monaco, Cap d'Ail/ France, Cologne and Berlin/ Germany; and made a performance series and Paradise research in the 5 boroughs (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, Staten Island) New York/ United States.

During her tours EVE in 2013 and 2014 Moll originated collages, paintings, drawings and performances which were to be seen at art places in Rome, Florence, Monaco, Paris, Berlin, Chicago, London, New York and Miami. Based on the interplay of the traveling art figure EVE and Eva Moll in the studio the feature film EVE IN THE CITIES is released 2014.