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9. October - 7. November 2008
Opening: Thursday October 9th, 7pm

Artist: Kerstin Lichtblau

AUGENMÄDCHEN sing what you see
Malerei | Painting

Curator: Eva Moll

Weckmarkt 1 (Ecke Fahrgasse)
D - 60311 Frankfurt/ Main

5. September - 7. October 2008
Opening: Friday September 5., 7pm

Artist: Migu M. Syed

Malerei | Painting

Curator: Eva Moll

Weckmarkt 1 (Ecke Fahrgasse)
D - 60311 Frankfurt/ Main

(Cover Art: Samira Ramic 2008)

August 1. - 31. 2008


Malerei | Painting - Skulptur | Sculpture

Artists: Robert Bertone, Jos Diegel, Karl-Karol Chrobok, Wilfrid Kreutz,
Kerstin Lichtblau, Lauren D. Lunsford, Pelusa Petzel, Angelika Prinz, Stefan Stichler

Curator: Eva Moll

Weckmarkt 1 (Ecke Fahrgasse)
D - 60311 Frankfurt/ Main

(Photo: Samira Ramic 2008)

June 6 - July 30 2008

"Im Einzelfall triumphaler Augenkontakt"

Artists in picture: Eva Moll, Verena Lettmayer, Ruth Luxenhofer

Painting | Malerei | Installation

visit planet vivid
Weckmarkt 1 (Ecke Fahrgasse)
60311 Frankfurt/Main

Opening hours
Tuesday - Friday: 1pm - 6pm
Saturday: 2pm - 6pm or by appointment

(Photo: Samira Ramic 2008)

Exhibition: 02-03/2008, Mainhattan-Manhattan, KPMG Frankfurt a.M.:

Exhibition: 01/2008, In Verhandlung, Salon 13, BOK Offenbach:
Art in context to working conditions and studio space issues of living artists in Offenbach
Curators: Verena Lettmayer, Ruth Luxenhofer, Eva Moll

Exhibition: September 2007, Denk ich an Deutschland, Galerie Kunst Raum Mato:
Curators: Lutz Luebbe, Eva Moll

Exhibition: 09/2007, Migrare, Museum der Stadtgeschichte Offenbach, Museum of the City of Offenbach:

Performance: 08/2007, All about Eve and the big Apple, Galerie Kunst Raum Mato Offenbach:
Eva Moll (Concept, Curator, Painting Performance) and Rainbow Girl (as Art Figure "Eve", Dance Performance)

Exhibition: 07-08/2007, Earthgirl and the Big City, Works by Rainbow Girl, Galerie Kunst Raum Mato Offenbach:
Malerei | Fotografie (by Zane Yost 03/07) | Garden Installation | Performance
Curator: Eva Moll

Performance: 06/2007, Art to you, Documenta 12, Museum Fridericianum Kassel:
Sculptur (Alexandra Holownia) | Drawings (Eva Moll) | Art Figures Walking Performance (Alexandra Fly | Eva Apple)


Portrait of Eva Moll as Art Figure Eva Apple after performance at the Museum Fridericianum in Kassel, Germany

Photography by (c) Kai Schuett 06/2007

Exhibition and Performance: 02-03/2007, Apples and Tipis, works by Eva Moll and Rainbow Girl, Art in Public Space:
Painting and Walking Performances

03/2007 Exhibition and Permanent Installation:
KARMA, 51 1st Ave (between 3rd and 4th Streets, New York NY 10003

3/18/07 The first installation of the Tipis and Apples paintings happened at Karma Lounge on March 3rd. Eva with her signature apples and Rainbow Girl with her tipis are installing their marks while traveling all around the globe starting in New York City. Eva and Rainbow met thru Karma in 2003 and chose the location as their starting point for the series. The project idea was born in the Museum Hotel in Amsterdam in October 2006.

The first two paintings are created in front of the Armory Show, the Guggenheim, Met, MOMA and Whitney Museums, Strawberry fields - Central Park, in the Subway, at Times Square 42nd Street Subway station in front of the Roy Lichtenstein mural as well as the Upper Eastside studio. Now the works are permanently on display at Karma. Photos made by buystanders document the painting sessions. Filmmaker Michael Yakovchik taped the Art Happening at Karma and interviewed the artists. -rbg

Picture: Moll painting before entering the Museum of Modern Art, New York City