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Exhibition: 01/2008, In Verhandlung, Salon 13, BOK Offenbach:
Art in context to working conditions and studio space issues of living artists in Offenbach
Curators: Verena Lettmayer, Ruth Luxenhofer, Eva Moll

Exhibition: September 2007, Denk ich an Deutschland, Galerie Kunst Raum Mato:
Curators: Lutz Luebbe, Eva Moll

Exhibition: 09/2007, Migrare, Museum der Stadtgeschichte Offenbach, Museum of the City of Offenbach:

Exhibition: 07-08/2007, Earthgirl and the Big City, Works by Rainbow Girl, Galerie Kunst Raum Mato Offenbach:
Malerei | Fotografie (by Zane Yost 03/07) | Garden Installation | Performance
Curator: Eva Moll